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3rd International Sufi Festival India 2013 Decided For 2nd October

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The International Sufi Festival India in its 3rd year will celebrate the Glory of Shekinah. Divine Abode and Marwah Studios is proud to set aside the ISFI festival this year as a honor to the Feminine facet of the Divine.
Sandeep Marwah while speaking to the gathering today in New Delhi said that ‘This year each one must chart a programme to be a element of this great festivity in Ajmer. The Festival has a special theme mainly for women.
”Women must be glorified as every woman is a light of Shekinah, Ganga, Ilah or a Durga. Every Glory to the Divine should be set in purity. Money is the Root cause of all evil and until we remain selfish in our giving we can never become selfless. So the open performance was opted towards this goal’ says Gulshaa Begum, Chairperson Divine Abode & Festival Director ISFI
The Festival will comprise of Film Festival, Literature, Stalls will be available at nominal rates, Talks on Awareness, Art Exhibitions, and Musical Concert in the evenings
The Festival begins from 2 – 6th October 2013 from 11 am – 10 pm at the Jawahar Rang Manch, Ajmer. Scholars, Philosophers, Artist, Singers, Musicians, Film Makers, Writers must visit the festival this year. All entry free for all events.

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