9th International Festival of Cellphone Cinema Announced

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New Delhi: The first ever international festival of Mobile Cinema in the World designed and planned by Sandeep Marwah of Asian Academy of Film And Television has announced its 9th edition to be held in the month of January, 2016.

The festival was created 10 years back when a short film was shot half in Noida and half in New York as an experiment of cost effective cinema for new format. Prof. Karl Bardosh, master professor at Tisch School of Arts, New York University was partner in this film.

The festival has been successfully contributing to the promotion of cinema and has been the source of inspiration for all mobile companies of the world to start mobile broadcasting.

I am happy that I could contribute to the World Cinema through mobile. I am also thankful to Kanbar Institute of Film & TV for honoring me last year for my initiatives for cellphone cinema.

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