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AAFT Drama Club

National School of Drama Director Devendra Raj Ankur inaugurated The first Drama Club of AAFT. Talking to students of Acting at length, Mr. Ankur shared some of his learning experiences at National School of Drama. He gave students a gist of necessary elements of acting and also told them how acting for Theatre, Television and Films is different. Stimulated by the session, the students had many queries allied to the topic, which were patiently answered by Mr. Ankur. Prof. Ankur disclosed to the students about the vast experience of theatre Sandeep Marwah possess during his theatre days, where a popular team consisting of Raj Babbar, Nadira Babbar, Pankaj Kapoor, Nina Gupta, Anupam Kher, Vijay Kashyap , Dolly Kapoor etc. gave some of the best plays to the nation.

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