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Film as a form of art or story telling highly subjective in nature and expensive to make and so is the training of filmmakers.it is for this reason the number of good film schools world-wide could be counted on the fingertips.Asian Academy of film & television(AAFT)is one amongst them.The cost effective training offered by AAFT had been attracting students from every nook and corner of India as well as numerous Asian, African,and European countries including the USA.AAFT alumni are now holding responsible positions in the production houses and television stations in Botswana, Mauritius,South Africa ,Sudan, Togo and the republic of yemen.AAFT has indeed established few world records in the field of film training by producing nearly 2000 professionals in a short span of eight years;providing over 500 hours of solid education and training and planning and production of close to 100 training films in each three month session.Another noteworthy feature of the programme for training is that beside the regular and visiting faculty,thirty to forty noted film and television personalities, journalists,intellectuals and public figures are also invited during the training session to interact with the students with a view to keeping their training in touch with the real world time frame of reference. The cost of training in top class film schools and comparable to AAFT is quite high.The fees charged by USA’s New York Film Academy and UK’s National Film & Television Institute is nearly twenty times the course fee of AAFT’s One-year Master Diploma in Film Making.Beside the course fee, the cost of living in the developed countries is also very high.AAFT has by now proved beyond doubt that ’Indian film and television professionals are second to none and in the unipolar world created by the ’WTO Regime’ they are capable of training even the nationals of the developed countries,in the art and craft of film and television production.The film and television training offered by Asian Academy of Film & Television is quite adequate and the Indian nationals need not look for film schools elsewhere.Asian Academy of Film & Television is undoubtedly one of the best academies of its kind in the world.

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