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Acting Workshop By Manoj Pahwa At Global Festival of Films 2009

Manoj Pahwa

The well known actor and a performer in feature films like Wanted, Aaloo Chat, Sing Is King, Dhamaalect. Manoj Pahwa gave acting tips to the students of Asian Academy Of Film And Television and Asian School Of Media Studies on his visit to the 2nd Global Festival of Documentary Films 2009 at Noida Film City.

A special workshop has been planned at Marwah Studios where students had the full privilege to interact and ask questions related to carrier in acting and how to manage the affairs in the Film and TV industry.

“We are happy that this kind of workshop could be planned during Global festival of films, this makes the whole festival more interesting and creative in its nature” said Sandeep Marwah, the president of Marwah Studios, a creative enterprises and the sponsors of Global Festival.

“I am feeling more elevated that I have been given this kind of duty in International event to guide the young group of actors, My relation with Marwah Studios is very long, when I started my carrier at Delhi” said Manoj Pahwa.

Later, the president of the festival Sandeep Marwah honouredManojPahwa with the life membership of International Film And Television Club.

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