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Another Book Release by Asian Academy of Arts

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Renowned Buddhist scholars shared their perception about the legendery Jatak tales associated with the different lives of budha at Marwah Studios. The occasion was the release function of the poetic anthology “ Jatak Kavya Mala” adopted by management guru Prof. Lallan Prasad
Speaking on the occasion President Asian Academy of Arts Sandeep Marwah informed the august audience that the anthology is an outcome of the department of writing under the auspices of Asian School of Media Studies created to bring writers, publishers and the academia on the same platform. He announced that 12 such books will be published this year under a similar tripartite collaboration.
Prof. Bikhu Satyapal of Buddhist studies underlined the importance of the Jataka tales in the growth of Indian ethos. Prof Harishankar Prasad praised Prof. Lallan Prasad for his outstanding literary contribution.
Prof. Prasad said it was a fulfillment of his life long cherished dream to bring out this work he expressed his gratitude to Marwah Studios for making it possible.

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