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Ashok Nagpure Guinness Book Holder at Marwah Studios

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“We have already been declared as the biggest school of journalism in India, it is our honor that we could declare 12th February as the International Day of Journalism. We have also given the first ever Global Festival of Journalism in the country” mentioned Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios in a general body meeting of 2nd Global Festival of Journalism.
The meeting was attended by the heads of all the departments including Print, Television, Radio, Cinema, New Media, Events, Management, Fashion including heads of AAFT, ASMS, ABS and ASC.
The suggestions came from all the corners as to how the second Global Festival of Journalism should be upgraded from last year. The frame work of the festival was discussed in detail. Dr. Shobha Kulshreshtra Director ASMS has been nominated as the Director of the festival. Karl Bardosh from New York was the special invitee.

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