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ASMS Planned Photographic Trip to Jodhpur and Jaisalmer

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Following the Photographic trip to Agra and Bharatpur, and in continuation with Marwah Studios plans to edit a coffee table book, and the photographic classes of the new Dean International, Prof. Joao Ponces de Carvalho, a photographic trip was organized on the 2th to the 31st of January.
Again Students from MSC of the Asian School of Media Studies where invited, and this time, Amit Kumar Thapliyal, Muhammad Aasim Qamar MsC.Direction. and Ashish Singh Bisht, from MsC( Mass Media), constituted the group. Some of his photographs illustrate this article
The illustrating pictures are from the students. Their quality proves their achievement and mature artistic qualities Again on a hard and schedule, to profit the most from the trip, many places were visited and photographed extensively, profiting the good season and fantastic weather.
This was a most rewarding experience, both Academic and professionalizing, and we plan to conduct more of these open air workshops in the future, with selected students, but also members of the Teaching Staff. Much more can be learned in real life situations than in theoretical lessons, and it is a real privilege Marwah Studios can provide these experiences both for the Staff and the Students.
Sandeep Marwah President Marwah Studios and Director ASMS expressed his desire to bring Still Photographic Department to International level. Next trip will be beginning of March, after the exams, to Gwalior and Kajuharo Temples. Again, 3 students will be invited.

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