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Bhutan Film Industry Is Indebted to AAFT : Cine Star Lakhi Dolma

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The heartthrob of millions in Bhutan Lakhi Dolma paid rich tribute to the faculty of Asian Academy of Film & TV for its contribution towards sowing the seed of the now flourishing and govt. supported film industry in her tiny kingdom. She was delivering the valedictory to the outgoing students of the 66th session of the world renowned AAFT. Thirteen year ago the top film director of Bhutan Karma Tsehering had received education and training in the art and craft of filmmaking and this was the motive force behind the new dawn in the entertainment industry of Bhutan, she added. The founder and now the President of Asian Academy of Film & TV, Sandeep Marwah said that Karma Tschering has indeed done his alma mater proud and his name would go down in the history of world cinema. In his address to the audience film director Karma Tschering acknowledged that he owe his success to this guru and mentor Sandeep Marwah. He went on to say that work for the welfare of the society is anytime superior to the mere pursuit of wealth. Filmmaking is a human endeavour which leaves a lasting impression on the mind of the viewers and which may lead to building of a healthy, happy and sane society, he added. Social activist and President of Uttariya Nav Nirman Sena Amit Jani exhorted the students on this occasion to try and eliminate through their work the evils which are eating up the very vitals of the Indian society.

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