Book One-Minute Miracles Released by Sandeep Marwah

New Delhi: A book titled One Minute Miracles written by Hannilee Fish was released by renowned international media personality Sandeep Marwah during the conference held at Pullman’s Hotel at New Delhi organized by Women Economic Forum.
“One Minute Miracles is not another self book” said Hannilee. “It is written from the heart,” added Hannilee who is currently studying to be a Barrister in United Kingdom. She has gone through and survived a childhood trauma.
The book offers piercing insights that are fresh and thought provoking and is a simple step by step pocked size guide with forty nine life changing resources to help overcome the complex problem of life and to expand living.
The book impresses me. It has lots of miracles accompanied by a beautiful illustrations and can be used in every day situation” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios. Tanya Chernova of Courageous Living and Johanna Maimela of Harry Mnisi Community Development Centre, UK also attended the event.

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