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Cell cinema sweeps flight of imagination at AAFT

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Fifth cell phone cinema festival ignited a flight of imagination both in themes and treatment as reflected in among more than 200 entries of AAFT and ASMS students of Marwah Studios. It was a visual treat that announced the arrival of the new child in the realm of entertainment and creativity.

Inaugurating this prestigious annual event that has become the signature tune of Asian Academy of Film and Television, President Sandeep Marwah said that incarnation has changed all rules and grammar of film making. Now a student can recede an idea and location, scout shots, develop and innovate the final product-all within the reach of his palm. He prophesied that the day is not far when the number of cell phones in India will touch an astronomical figure of 150 million offering a potential of making 150 crores to a film maker.

Distinguished guest of Marwah Studios and the celebrated master professor of the Tich School of the Arts, New York University said that cell has become a pen. All the film students are now carrying a camera in their pocket and shoot at will. Even a whole TV series can be uploaded on a mobile. The South Korean Golden Bear winner in the last Berlin Film Festival’s 32 minute film became a run away success at the box office courtesy mobile.

The special guest on the occasion Sandeep Kochar a former student of AAFTand known for his Limca record winning 1800-episode serial on astrology and astronomy said the time has come when you either change with time or perish. He said he dealt with science and not blind faith in stars. He advised students not to be contended but dream and achieve big in life.

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