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Christie’s Green Auctions Painting by Sridevi Kapoor

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Sridevi Kapoor has never ceased to amaze her followers with her ability to perform and throughout her life she has had a passion for the arts and painting. Sridevi is now channeling her creative energy into painting gorgeous works of art to share with her loyal fans.Sridevi Kapoor is Bollywood’s greatest actress, Indian icon, South Indian Diva, dancer, superstar, acclaimed performer, legendary beauty and much more. She has starred in hundreds of Hindi, Tamil, Kannada Telugu and Malayalam language films. Starting acting at the age of
four, she made her debut as an adult in the late 1970s. After going on to establish herself as one of the leading actresses of her time, she left the industry in 1997 to raise her children and spend time with her husband, successful film producer Boney Kapoor. Sridevi has been the longest running Number 1 Indian cinema actress of all time.The proceeds for this item benefit Christie’s Green Auction: A Bid to Save the Earth
Bid for ” thoughts ” Oil Canvas By Sridevi Kapoor

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