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Develop sense Of pride for the nation- Dr. Abid Hussain

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The former Indian Ambassador to USA and currently Chancellor of University of Hyderabad Dr. Abid Hussain Made a strong plea for benefiting from the wisdom of your ancestor contained in the holy scriptures. Quoting lucidly from blind beliefs and to develop the habit of questioning things. He urged the media to reach the un-reached and try to ameliorate their condition. Dr. Abid Hussain was addressing the new entrants to Asian Academy of Film & Television. Stating that India is indeed growing strong day by day, he urged the audience to be proud to be Indian.
Giving recipe for meaningful approach to work, the super cop Joginder Singh said that clear cut goals, hard work and preseverance are keys to success in life. Referring to the notable contribution to media made by the Director of Asian Academy of Film & Television Prof. Sandeep Marwah, the veteran social worker Om Veer remarked that whereas politics tend to divide people, films have the unusual power to unite them without discrimation of religion caste or language. The latest edition of the popular magazine Nature and cure edited by kamal bhatia was formally released by Dr. Abid Hussain on this occasion.

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