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Hollywood film producer Kurt Inderbitzin asserted that the movie making is generally not affected by the economic downturn. He was hinting at the power of films to help the audience escape from worries, tensions and disappointments due to the environment created by recession, for a while. He advised the film and television producers to think globally and make their product with an international appeal. He pointed out that Indian culture and history are a vast reservoir of subjects for films and TV programmes. Kurt Inderbitzin was delivering the valedictory address at Asian Academy of Film & Television

Conceding that the film industry has been dwarfed by the unprecedented growth of electronic media Prof. Sandeep Marwah said that film producers may soon be releasing their films on the Internet. Cellphone Cinema is now a practical reality, he added. Addressing the students the popular actor of many Madhur Bhandarkar films like Fashion and Page 3, Mukesh Tyagi stated that the media professionals must keep pace with the fast changing environment created due to technological advances to remain competitive.
The veteran journalist, Aziz Burney, President Delhi Producers Association Vinod Zutshi and eminent educationist of Western Uttrar Pradesh Dr. Gyanendra Sharma also shared their views on the memorable occasion. Kurt Inderbitzin, Mukesh Tyagi, Vinod Zutshi, Aziz Burney and Dr. Gyanendra Sharma were awarded the life membership of the International Film & Television Club at the valedictory function.

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