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First Board Meeting Of 5th Global Film Festival Noida 2012 At Marwah

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The first board meeting of 5th Global Film Festival Noida 2012 took place at Marwah Studios at Noida Film City to discuss the final preparation of an international event which has already created a place for itself under the leadership of renowned media person Sandeep Marwah who is also the President of International Film And Television Club.
The meeting was attended by all the representative of different organizations associated with the Global Film Festival from very beginning including AAFT, ASMS, ABS, ASC, ASGA, ASPA, IFTC, IFTRC, WPDRF, ICFF, IPBF, PJNF, AAA, SS and Marwah Studios, Marwah Film & Video Production, Asian Film Library, SRML, etc.
It was resolved that the 5th Global Film Festival will take place on 5th, 6th and 7th of November 2012 at Noida Film City. Since all festivals of the World have created brand because of the fixed location like Cannes Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival, Tokyo Film Festival, London Film Festival, New York Film Festival, Montreal Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival, Vancouver Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Festival etc.

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