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Global Yog Alliance Planned World Meet on Yoga

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“No prayers are better than yoga, no exercise is powerful than yoga” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios and Patron to Global Yog Alliance (GYA). “We are in the circle of Spirituality and feel human when you get associated with Yoga” Marwah added who is also Patron to World Religious Parliament (WRP).

The Global Yog Alliance, an alliance of all the Yoga Federations of the World has decided to hold World Yoga Meet in Delhi in the month of November informed Gopal ji the President of the Alliance. “India is the real camp of Yoga, we are leaders as far as this art of living is concerned, that is why we opted to have three days Yog Meet in India” said Gopal Ji” We are expecting people from all over the World to participate in this International event” Gopalji added.

“The World Religious Parliament is going to support this event, we are not away from Yog and Yoga” said Acharya Satinder while talking to the international press.

All three days events are well planned to keep all International delegates busy with seminars, discussions and research work. The theme of this meet will be ‘The Role of Yoga, Media and Religion in Maintaining Peace in the World’.

The WRP and GYA will be supported by International Public Broadcasting Forum, International Children’s Film Forum, International Film And Television Research Centre and International Film And Television Club.

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