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IFTC Announced 78th AAFT Festival of Short Digital Films

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IFTC-International Film And Television Club of Marwah Studios announced the launching of 78th Edition of AAFT Festival of Short Digital Films to be held at studios campus on Friday, the 17th May 2013 with few selected films from the 78th batch of Asian Academy of Film And Television at Noida Film City.
“A large number of films with different subjects and ideas were produced and directed in the 78th batch of AAFT, now time has come to showcase them to the World through this most popular festival of short films” said Sandeep Marwah President of IFTC.
The selection committee consisting of producers, directors, cinematographers, editors and journalist are going to select the final screening of few films out of the huge lot of films received. IFTC is one of the most prestigious body consisting of members from all over the World.

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