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India And Egypt Will Work On Cultural Exchange

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Sandeep Marwah & Dr. Mohamed Higazy and Anil Kapoor
The renowned asian media personality, president of Marwah Studios Sandeep Marwah and well known international Indian star Anil Kapoor were recently invited by H.E. Dr Mohamed Higazy, the Ambassador of Arab Republic of Egypt in India to discuss the cultural exchange between two oldest civilizations of Earth.

“We are keen in developing and promoting cultures of India and Egypt where country men of both the countries can relate to each other comfortably” said H.E. Dr. Mohamed Higazy. “We want to open the doors of our country for Indian Art and Culture too.” He added.

“Films are the best Ambassador of culture of the country” said Sandeep Marwah the founder of film city and Director of AAFT. “Exchange of films, film festivals, and film personalities can bring in ample change in thinking and relation between two countries” added Marwah.

“I would love to be there at Egypt to represent my country India, and can do anything to built the relations between these two countries” said Anil Kapoor, who has become well known star internationally after the release of feature film Slum dog Millionaire which has bagged many awards including Oscars.

Sam Salem, the minister Counselor and Ms Dina el Sehy the counselor of Egyptian Embassy were also present there in the meeting.

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