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Indian Film professionals are welcome to Hollywood ? Colin Handley

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The well known Hollywood action choreographer Colin Handley said that in order to succeed the performers have to be simply passionate about acting. He was delivering the inaugural to the entrants of Asian Academy of Film & Television. A member of the creative team of the feature films Rocky and Commando and popular TV serials Baywatch and Santa Barbara, Colin Handley stated that the producer are continuously searching for ideas that can be turned into a successful film and Indian talent are always welcome to Hollywood. He finds music and choreography in Indian as captivating. Stating that successful functioning of the academy for fourteen years is a testimony to the vision of Prof. Sandeep Marwah, the British Business Women of international fame Cynthia McLaughlin told gathering that filmmakers from the USA and UK are now heading towards India to work with English speaking local talent.Speaking with emotion, the renowned entrepreneur Mahim Mittal declared that he has instituted scholarships to support the education a few needy students of Asian Academy of Film & Television

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