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Indo Senegal Film And Cultural Forum Reframed at Dakar

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“Sandeep Marwah has brought a new light to the relationship between India And Senegal. His presence means a lot to the people of Senegal. A new enthusiasm has been inducted to the development and promotion of art and culture of both the countries” said Abdoul Aziz MBAYE the Minister of Culture Government of Senegal at a grand function in honour of Marwah’s State visit to Senegal at Dakar.

“Films are the Ambassador of Culture of any country and development of Cinema means upliftment of culture. I have brought lots of love and affection from India to the people of Senegal and and carrying back the same love and respect back home” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios Emotionally.

“India has always been leader in initiating things, with the presence of Sandeep Marwah in Senegal it has started a new chapter of Cinema in Senegal” added H.E. Partha Satpathy Ambassador of India to Senegal, Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde& High Commission of India to Gambia.

“We would love to honor Sandeep Marwah a Diploma of Culture for his untiring contribution to world of Cinema and culture. His presence has impressed the people of Senegal” said Hugues Diaz Director of Cinematography Ministry of Culture.

The event was planned to mark respect to Marwah and his contribution to the World Cinema and Media. The function was attended by who’s who of city of Dakar at the most prestigious National Grand Theatre.

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