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International Children’s Film Forum Completes 1000 Shows

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ICFF- International Children’s Film Forum of Marwah Studios completed 1000 special film shows organized for the school children being conducted at the Marwah Studios Complex in last few years.
“ICFF was created at Marwah studios to give value addition to film, TV and Media students and to give opportunity to children in entertainment industry” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios on the completion of 1000 film shows.
ICFF conducts film workshops, seminars, symposiums, festivals, film productions, film courses for children throughout the year. Special viewings are organized at the villages and slums for unprivileged children also.
International Children’s Film Forum is complimentary to Children’s Film Society, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India. ICFF is running 10 different schools under the name and banner Apna School in slums for 800 students free of cost.

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