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International Film And Television Research Centre Starts New Media Researches

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International Film & Television Research Centre (IFTRC) is the first film and television research centre in the private sector in India. It is affiliated with Marwah Studios and Asian Academy of Film & TV located at Noida Film City.
“Mass Media is known to shape thought, change attitudes and move people to action. The potential of film for facilitating development or damaging the society is indeed enormous. The same can be said for power of television in shaping peoples lives” said Prof. Harshvardhan, Vice President of IFTRC.
“Communicating to the audience is a challenge. Communicator not only must know what to communicate but also how to communicate to be able to influence the audience who possess diverse character. The effective communicator cannot rely on hunches and intuition to capture and hold the attention of the mass-audience.” said Sandeep Marwah, President of Marwah Studios a Creative Enterprises “He has to interact with the audience to seek their input.” Marwah added.
International Film & television Research Centre (IFTRC) will address itself to this complex task of conducting research with the audience on programming and its effectiveness. It will encourage and popularize the concept of mass media and will train media researchers to aid better TV programming and film making.
IFTRC is working with aims like :advancement of Film and Television productions, raising of professional standards of film making and television production, creating awareness about responsive and responsible film and TV production, continuing review of professional codes and ethics set by the professional and regulatory bodies for film-makers and television training, arranging scholarships, awards, facilitating attachment to film and television production houses for the purpose of research, conducting short term and long term training courses on media research, organizing debates, seminars, symposia and workshop on various subjects relating to film and television, publishing papers, reports and books relating to research on film & television and launching a journal of Media research.

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