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International Mother Earth Day Celebrated at Greater Noida

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Greater Noida:“We need to wake up and realize our mistakes of wounding our Earth Mother, unless and until we start preserving our nature it will come back to us in difficult ways” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios at Ursuline Convent Sr. Secondary School at Greater Noida on the occasion of Earth Day.

“The main cause for global warming is emission of green house gases (Co2) which is the result of industrialization, urbanization and deforestation by man.” added Marwah inviting school students to come forward in planting trees wherever it is possible.

The world have been witnessing frequent occurrences of natural calamities causing loss of human lives. It is the repercussion of our own deeds” said Dr. K.D.Gupta senior environmentalist.

G.K.Acharya Deputy General Manager Research & Development IOC and R,S.Garwar former Joint Development Commissioner UP were the other speakers on the occasion. The event was designed by IASRD and supported by Marwah Studios and ASSOCHAM. Sister Nirupa Principal of the school paid vote of thanks to the guest. Later students were presented with certificates who all participated in the competition related to earth day.

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