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International Sufi Film Festival 2012 At Ajmer

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The Holy City Ajmer is geared up to host International Sufi Film Festival 2012 on the land of Khwaja and The Lord Brahma from 4th October 2012 to 11th October 2012 in Ajmer City of Rajasthan.
The International Sufi Film Festival – Divine abode & Marwah studios as per schedule to screen Films from 5th October to 11th October 2012 at 12 PM as per schedule announced. International Sufi Festival India continues to be a commemorative fiesta to the honor of the Sufi saint Hazrath Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty. The stunning concepts and symbolic messages merging with the soothing music and dance makes it a must visit..
The ancient Sacred city of Ajmer hosts the Isfi Festival annually to commemorate the life and teachings of the great Sufi saint Hazrath Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty . Ms Gulshaa Begum, Chairperson Divine Abode is known for her contributions in the field of Sufi Art & Culture and commitment to serve for the social cause through festivals and Art Exhibitions in Ajmer. Isfi is today Regarded as one of the spectacular event with a strong visual appeal. The Festival is a true crowd puller as thousands of people gather here to be a part of the 7 day event.
The essence of the preachings of khwaja Saab includes the unification of the human soul with the Ultimate through the medium of sufi music. As a result, this mega festival abounds in music and dance performances by the dervishes (ascetic Muslim monk). The harmonious dance and melodious music joins hand to create a sublime atmosphere in the entire air.
.Get ready to be a part of a spiritual journey that is superbly rich in artistic value and touch. This unique concept of attaining the divine with dance is something that needs to be explored and felt. The festival will showcase performers, artists, crafts, fashion, poetry from local areas, other parts of India and abroad. It will enrich the festival with both- traditional and modern arts around the Sufi theme.
Artists from various countries like Egypt, Germany, Pakistan, U.K., Russia and many more are participating in these cultural programmes which will be the highlights of this seven- day spiritual experience.

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