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International Women’s Film Forum Designed At AAFT

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We have been working on the different prospects of Social issues, this time our emphasis is on the Women, and it has induced us to open International Women’s Film Forum at Asian Society of Film And Television” said Sandeep Marwah President Marwah Studios welcoming the suggestions from all over the World.
The International Women’s Film Forum will look into all those issues which are concerned Women be it at professional level or at social. The aim of the organization is to facilitate and increase the contribution of women to public life and to promote equality of opportunity for women in all aspects of life.
“The above aims can be fulfilled through co-operation and co-ordination, to strengthen links between women’s groups, while also attempting to expand membership which is truly representative of women’s organisations and by providing a forum for the expression and exchange of views, to formulate policy statements and act as a conduit to Government, both national and local” Marwah added.
Alka Lamba former Secretary All India Congress Committee, Anjali Ada renowned Poetess and Dr. Shobha will initiate the forum.

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