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It Is a Age of Digital And Media is Part of It-Sandeep Marwah at Indo US Summit

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“All the segments of media- print, radio, television, cinema and new media have been digitalize. It has some great advantages and some disadvantages too” said Sandeep Marwah Chairperson of Media & Entertainment Committee of Indo American Chamber of Commerce in Indo US Resurgence Summit at Hotel Hyatt explaining size of two biggest film industries of India and USA.
“We have lost the track, we are following western World and forgetting our own values ” said Ashok Tyagi producer Director from Mumbai fame for Surkhiyan, Andher Gardi, Bharat Bhagya Vidhata.” We have lost a lot in piracy, new ways are there to stop but need to enforce the law too” added Stephen Mathias senior Lawyer from Bangalore.
“Digitalization has made it easy for new comers to enter into film production” said Lovleen Tandon Co-Director of Slumdog Millionaire giving the example of her own films. “Americans are now part of Indian film Industry and we Indians have also created some place of ourselves in USA, but we have yet to grow” expressed Bhuvan Lal from Los Angeles.
“Films & Art are supposed to be the ambassadors of culture, we must be open to accept other arts and culture” said Sohaila Kapoor from Rajya Sabha Channel. Later Dr. Lalit Bhasin Chairperson ofFilm Certification Appellate Tribunal, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting gave his Valedictory address. Earlier the summit was inaugurated by Kapil Sibal Minister of Information Technology & Communication.

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