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Jamesons 11th Miskolc International Film festival Opened

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A grand function at the prestigious auditorium of city Miskolc saw the opening of 11th Miskolc International film Festival by Dr. Peter Hoppal the state Secretary for culture, Ministry of Human Resources, Government of Hungary. Some of the important persons including Tamas Kollarik, member of the Media Council, Agenes Havas, General Manager Hungarian National Film Found, Edit Osko of World Wings were also present there.

We welcome once again cinema lovers from all over the world to have another experience in Cinema at Miskolc during this 11th International Film Festival” addressed Tibor Biro the director to the jam-packed hall with cinema audience.

All the jury members including Alfredo Mayo Spanish Cinematographer, Sandeep Marwah Studio Biggie from India, Olivier Gerrard from France, Pap Ferenc Hungarian Cinematographer, Jan Schulz Ojala Film Critic from Germany, Fernanda Silva Purtugese Festival Organizer and others were introduced to the audience. The opening film Land Ho followed the program.

“Films are the ambassadors of culture of any country and film festivals are the best way to showcase that culture,” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios representing India in the festival.

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