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The president of Samata Party Jaya Jaitley visited Asian Academy of Film & Television while she was at Marwah Studios for a television recording. Jaya Jaitley is a television personality in her own right as she had anchored several programme for the women in the past. During their meeting Prof Sandeep Marwah told the distinguished visitor that the education and training being impartedat the academy aims at contributing to the advancement of the society in general as well as to prepare the students for work in the film & television industry. Jaya Jaitley congratulated the director for putting AAFT on the world map of film schools by imparting international grade education and training. She was pleased to know the AAFT’s cost effective training is not only top class but it is also the cheapest anywhere in the world. Jaya Jaitly told Prof. Sandeep Marwah that according to her assessment Asian Academy of Film & Television in indeed one of the best film schools in the world offering short term courses.

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