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Journalism Workshop is required to upgrade Journalists-Bhisham Narayan

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Satosh Bharti , Sandeep Marwah, Dr Bhisham Narayan Singh & Gurbir Singh Gerewal & Suman Bajaj Kalra
A full day workshop on the ethics of journalism and how to be a good journalist took place at Marwah Studios organized by the International Film And Television Research Centre in association with Asian School Of Media Studies and Asian Academy Of Film And TV for the working journalist of different News papers and TV channels.
“Be honest to your profession, journalism needs lots of passion, running a news paper is like a prayer” said Dr Bhisham Narayan Singh, former Union Minister, Government Of India and Former Governer of 7 states of India while inaugurating National Workshop on Journalism. “Honesty pay in life, it is always tough way to success” he added.
“It is important to pursue with the stories till it reaches to its end” said veteran journalist Santosh Bhartiya who has made his position from a reporter to member of Rajya Sabha. “Never afraid from the strong influences, believe in investigation,” Santosh added.
“Education and training is must for every profession including journalism” said Sandeep Marwah President Marwah Studios. Command on language, research on the subject, preparation and home work about the person are some of the tips given by Marwah with some interesting examples.
The known film director Gurbir S Garewal spoke about film Journalism and the slip outs in film journalism. Other speakers who spoke on TV Journalism were Dean ASMS prof. Suman Bajaj Kalra and Dean AAFT. The workshop became more interesting with the large set of question answers at the end of the session.

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