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lms Are a Mature Art Form – David Ofek

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Talented and celebrated Israeli director David Ofek was recently invited to conduct a workshop on screen presentation for the students of Asian Academy of Film and Television. In his opening remarks on this occasion Prof Sandeep Marwah described Israel as a culturally vibrant and technologically advanced nation. Theatre has traditionally been a part of social and cultural life of the people of Israel, he added. Lucidly explaining the art of telling a story or conveying a message with moving pictures and sound David Ofek a graduate of Jerusalem film School said that most of the films are narrative films and their makers are the narrator.
He described fiction as a presentation which is mandated to make the viewer imagine and to believe that the events in it are true. He stated that a documentary like a fictional film is a product of film maker’s specific intention of guiding or persuading the viewer’s perception of the world. David Ofek concluded the workshop by remarking that film making is a serious business and the film makers have to be responsive and responsible to the society.

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