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Mahatma Gandhi Was Indeed God’s Gift To The Mankind! –Sandeep Marwah

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“Mahatma Gandhi strongly believed that there is no other God than truth and the only means for the realization of truth is ahimsa” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios here on the birth anniversary of Father of The Nation at Noida Film City.
“He practiced satyagraha (insistence of truth) which seeks to eliminate antagonism without harming the antagonist and arms the individual with moral strength.” added Marwah. Mahatma Gandhi urged upon the people to be tolerant as intolerance betrays want of faith in one’s cause. He was of the view that non-cooperation in satyagraha is in fact a means to secure the cooperation of the opponent consistently with truth and justice.
Mahatma Gandhi also believed in non-violence and in vegetarism. He lead a simple life style and advised those involved in public service to do so. Mahatma Gandhi had invented a novel and humane approach to India’s struggle for freedom. He shaped India’s political identity as a tolerant, secular democracy. Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy had influenced famous activists across the world.
Mahatma Gandhi will remain a role model for generations to come. A forum after the name of Gandhi has been created at Marwah Studios, a creative enterprises running Asian Education Group with following aims and objectives.
.Keeping the memory and spirit of Mahatma Gandhi alive in all possible manners, Imparting spiritual training by acquainting people with the elements of major religious and their scriptures, Inculcating tolerance of and respect for other religions, Practicing and preaching mussing of the sick in a spirit of joy, Laying stress on controlling the thoughts, words and deeds and lastly Emphasizing the merit of simple life style, vegetarism, yoga, nature cure and self help.

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