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Marwah Now International patron to Actors Guild of Nigeria

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“Now we have the President of Nigeria H.E. Goodluck Jonathan as the Patron in Chief of Actor’s Guild of Nigeria which is the most powerful organization of Nigerian Film Industry” said confidently Prince Ifeanyi Dike founder & Chairman of the Board of Actors Guild of Nigeria.

“We take this honor to nominate Sandeep Marwah Five times World record holder in media as the International Parton to our organization” congratulated Nollywood actress and President of the Actors’ Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Ibinabo Fiberesima.

Prine Dike along with his team of Actors Guild of Nigeria handed over patron ship to Sandeep Marwah in his office with great zest and zeal.

“I am proud to be associated with Actors Guild of Nigeria as International Patron. I will put my best to help the members of the organization” thanked Marwah while accepting the patron ship.

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