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Marwah Presented Charter to Ambassador of India in Senegal

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“We have finalized 13 important things under the banner of Marwah Studios in relation to Indo Senegal Film And Cultural Association to develop and promote relation between two countries” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios while handing over the charter of programs designed”

“I welcome the visit of Sandeep Marwah to Senegal. His visit has given ample to the people of Senegal related to films and culture to work through out the year, be it a newspaper, radio, television, events or film and television training” said H.E. Partha Sathpathy Ambassador of India to Senegal.

Marwah Studios has prepared the list of 13 items, which have been announced on different occasions during the visit of Sandeep Marwah. The charter includes film and TV training at subsidized fee, a scholarship, radio and television broadcasts and a joint venture in producing cinema.

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