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Marwah Studios Join Hands with Assocham in Creating Awareness on Calamities

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Currently countries across the world have been witnessing frequent occurrences of natural calamities such as cyclones, thunderstorms, cloudbursts, tsunamis, earth quakes, melting glaciers, rising sea levels, droughts, diseases etc. They cause huge loss of human lives and economy which is estimated as 2% of world GDP as per World Bank’s report. The impact would be more disastrous for developing countries including India more particularly the Himalayan states and Coastal states.

The scientific research proves that the frequent occurrences of them are the outcome of the ‘Global Warming (GW)’ and resultant ‘Climate Change. Unless remedial measures are taken in time, the frequency of calamities would rise and the impact would be more disastrous in future across the world” said Dr. K .D. Gupta Chairman Assocham Committee on Climate Change in a meeting at Marwah Studios, film city Noida.

In view of this, ASSOCHAM, the premier ‘Knowledge Chamber’ in India and Marwah Studios a creative enterprises have taken up this most important global human cause of our time through an association to create an effective platform for knowledge sharing and partnering among the key players to the problems of Climate Change and rising calamities” informed Sandeep Marwah President Marwah Studios.

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