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Marwah’s Asian Academy of Arts Will Promote Many Writers

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The doyens of Hindi literature were pleasantly surprised at the creative ambience at Marwah Studios which produced the first ever Hindi novel “Sattais Sapno ka Desh for the first time by a media teacher.
Speaking at the release function of the maiden novel by Sushil Bharti, the President Sandeep Marwah said that the institution has encouraged creativity in the four streams including cinema, electronic media, mass media and multi media. This was the motivation behind the establishment of Asian academy of arts under the auspicious of Asian school of media studies,. he reiterated that AAA will be producing witty eleven more books this year’s under a tripartite scheme among the author the publisher and Marwah Studios.
the renowned Hindi novelist Chita Mudagal of Aanva” fame said Bharti’s maiden creation is and explosion of experience. Noted Hindi poet Divik Ramesh opined that the writer had a lyirical flow and narrative sensitivity. Noted and editor of ‘Vyangya Yatra satirist Prem Janmejai found the echo of an important signature in times to come. Indian author society president Dinesh Mishra was delighted at the arrival of a forceful writer with a bang.The humorist Sarojini Preetam enthralled the audience with her witty limericks
Overwhelmed by the literary reaction of these stalwarts the humble story teller expressed his gratitude to president Marwah in particular and the guest literatures in general.

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