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Master Class of Sandeep Marwah At Gdansk Film Festival

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“It’s a rare opportunity for me to interact film and television business with the foreign national and specially film makers of international repute “ said Sandeep Marwah while conducting a master class at Gdansk Documentary Film Festival ay Gdansk, Poland.
Answering to the questions from the jam packed auditorium Marwah said, ”fifteen million people watch cinema every day in India and we sell 5 billion tickets per year the one sixth of the World stays in India, we are more concerned first about our own countrymen, their choice and entertainment.”
We have changed from 3hours to 90 minutes, from simple to complex shots, from slow to fast editing, from traditional to contemporary stories, from cellulite to digital, from Indian locations to foreign locations, from states of India to different countries of the World, Indian subjects to International subjects and from own language to English. That is why we are now available in 162 countries of the World.
Music, dance, drama, emotions, song is our specialization and will remain always in our films as we are recognized because of that. Not only Indian viewers but international audience also love all that informed Marwah.

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