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Noida Villages Benefited by International Children’s Film Forum

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ICFF, the newly constructed social body of Marwah Studios International Children’s Film Forum with the purpose of uplifting society through Cinema and especially through Children’s film created a new wave in the city of Noida. To start with the managing committee organized six programs by showing theme oriented short films produced by MFVP at six different villages and slums.

“Cinema is the best mode of mass communication to leave largest impact on society” said Sandeep Marwah, the President of ICFF and Marwah Studios. “We will put our best foot down to promote social issues concerning children through cinema from village to village in the country, we have tied up with 30,000 schools in the country where we will project social issues.” added Marwah.

ICFF is a voluntary body and invites people to come forward to join this organization for social cause. YES a social trust has already joined the mission. The managing committee consists of some of the finest names from the fraternity of film and television informed Radio Noida 107.4FM.

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