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Nothing Is Impossible To A Willing Mind Adeep Tandon

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The world renowned director of cinematography Adeep Tandon said that single minded devotion to the pursuit of excellence in every department of film making is essential for surviving in this highly competitive industry.He stated that while it may not be impossible to reach to the top, it is indeed difficult to remain there for a reasonable length of time.Pointing out that there is not short cut to success ,he cited the example of
Sandeep Marwah & director of cinematography Adeep Tandon
Hrithik Roshan who has worked his way to fame by sheer dint of hardwork.Adeep Tandon was addressing the students of Asian Academy of Film & Television.Earlier formally introducing the distinguished visitor to the students, Prof Sandeep Marwah mentioned that Adeep Tandon had teamed up with celebrities like Vijay Anand ,Mahesh Bhatt,Ismail merchant, Basu Bhattacharya, Subroto Mitra,Aparna Sen and he has been associated with the production of numerous feature films, docummentaries, advertisement films and television serials both in India and the USA, eversince he graduated from FTII pune in1968.He said that Adeep Tandon is currently working with the evergreen hero and filmmaker Dev Anand whose latest film Censor has just been released.Adeep Tandon is currently shooting two of Dev Anands film entitled ’ LoveI in Time Square’ and ’ Beauty Queen’ . Answering questions he said that film making is invariably team effort and the contribution of those who are behind the camera is as important as of those who are front of it, in this . Pointing out that the technological development have considerably influenced the film production scene, he underlined the importance of formal training in film making.

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