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Noida: “What a display of colors, what an expression, Beenu is a very matured artists” said Lt. Gen. K.M. Seth Former Governor of Chattisgarh, Madya Pradesh and Tripura while inaugurating the painting exhibition of Beenu Gupta at Marwah Studios on the occasion of 90th AAFT Festival of Short Digital Films.
“I wanted to be a painter but got into medical, I now admire painters like Beenu and have great regard for their arts,” said Dr. Mohita Sharma Eye Surgen of Triputi Eye Hospital.
Art promoter Nirmal Vaid, Alumnus AAFT Adesh Sharma, Journalist Deepak Parvatiyar , Anil Mittal member Central Board of Film Certification also spoke on the subject. “ It is our custom to have an art exhibition along with every film function. Students must realize that all arts emerged from these paintings,” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios.
Beenu has displayed 14 solo and 60 group shows, is a great aficionado for rich colours mixing with her vibrant imagination and rhythmic balance of the painting and highlights nature, love, relationships and social issues.
She has carved herself niche in contemporary and abstract art formats using Oil/Acrylic/Water/Charcoal media. She paints in simple and honest fashion to put utmost focus to maintain the balance between the content, form and vivacious colours. Through her works, she communicates that love is the most important emotion and there could varied forms of the same.
International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry and Asian Academy of Film And Television supported the event.

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