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Portray Balanced Image Of Indian Politicians – Syed Shahnwaz Hussain

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Union Minister for coal Syed Shahnwaz Hussain appealed to the film makers and the television producers not to paint all the politicians with the same brush.The hon’ ble minister was addressing the students of Asian Academy of Film & Television.Referring to the ’ hero’ and the ’ villian’ on screen, Syed Shahnawaz Hussain said there are both honest and good as well as dishonest and bad people in the political arena.

He pointed out that each one has to proove one’ s competence to suceed in any human endeavour including the show world.Conceding the decline in the standard of public life, the hon’ ble minister appealed to the film makers to be blanched in their presentation of the image of the politicians.Syed Shahnawaz Hussain forcefully added that everything is difficult to achieve, but nothing is impossible to a willing mind.Earlier welcoming the hon’ ble minister, the former secretary in the ministry of information and broadcasting Bhaskar Ghose, noted theatre personality Sita Raina, and Dr Mahesh Sharma of Kailash Hospital, Prof Sandeep Marwah said that despite challenges of all kind AAFT has remained steadfast in its objectives and it has not fallen by the wayside like many others.Admitting that the record of the govt funded film schools is rather bleak, Bhasker Ghose expressed his satisfaction on over AAFT becoming one of the finest film institutes in the world without the govt. support.He impressed upon the students that sincerity, dedication and hardwork pays in life.Pointing out that there are no set rules for acting, Sita Raina admitted that the work of an actor is really challenging.Mentioning that discretion is often the better part of valour, Dr Mahesh Sharma advised the students not to be rigid while tackling problems and dealing with the people.Zaib Khan an illustrious past student of AAFT, expressing his gratitude to the academy he advised the students to be above all a good human being for surviving in the show-world.

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