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Noida: The second day of 2nd Global Literary Festival Noida 2016 witnessed three collections. The first collection “Raas” designed by Mr. Vivek Rao (M.Sc. FD) represented the eternal bond of love and did absolute justice to its theme “Wedding”. It very aptly depicted the feeling of togetherness and culmination of two souls.
The second collection “Contrast” was an amalgamation of black and white inspired by extreme opposites. The designers Mr. Rajat Kalra and Ms. Rashmi Singh (Diploma FD) tried to showcase that without the black, white can’t be defined and vice-versa just like happiness and sadness holds no meaning without each other.
The third collection “Reflection” was inspired by the inner strength of a female, who has the capability to shine even in the darkest of nights. She absorbs all negativities and reflects back just the shine, sparkle and dazzle. The students of Diploma FD designed the collection.
The fashion school has grown professional in its approach. The products produced by students are at par with any popular and experienced fashion designers, I congratulate the whole team and associate director Ritu Lal for that,” said Sandeep Marwah President of the festival.

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