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Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru Forum Inaugurated At Global Film Festival

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To promote the ideology and thinking of late Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru a new forum has been launched by Marwah Studios from the stage of 3rd Global Film Festival Noida 2010 on the third and final day of the festival which happens to be the birth anniversary of Nehru and also been called as Children’s Day in India.
“I am lucky enough to be part of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Forum on this auspicious occasion today on the Children’s Day and final day of 3rd Global Film Festival Noida 2010 when the focus is only Children” said Jainandu Chairman of State Khadi and Village Industries Board, Jharkhand while launching the first poster of the organization.
“All this reminds me my days in school when we used to celebrate Children’s Day” said Pankaj Parashar film director. “I am impressed by the activities at Marwah Studios” said Amjhed Habib a renowned Stylist. “I would love to do anything for this organization which has given so much to the society” added Ashok Masti a well known singer of the country.
“We will see to it that all social activities from Marwah Studios must be highlighted as every gesture of Sandeep Marwah is different” said Anuranjan Jha, C.O.O. of CNEB Channel. “I have never seen so many activities in any film festival in Europe” said Joao Ponces De Carvalho film maker from Portugal. “India is proud of Sandeep Marwah as he has brought India to World Record” said Mateen Ahmed M.L.A. Govt. of Delhi.
“The contribution of Sandeep Marwah in the field of Film and Television including production, education, film city, studios, research, festivals, social organizations, radio Noida etc has made him one and the only one in whole of India. The film and television industry salutes him for his untiring efforts” said T.P.Agarwal President Indian Motion Picture and Television Producers Association (IMPTPA), the oldest body of the country in entertainment Industry congratulating the whole team for presenting great festival to the nation.

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