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Radio Noida Joins Activities of International Children’s Film Forum

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“The purpose of both the organizations is to get into community service either by community broadcasting by Radio Noida 107.4FM or screening children’s films in villages and slums through International Children’s Film Forum.” said Sandeep Marwah, President of Marwah Studios and founder of both the organizations.

International Children’s Film Forum ICFF based in Noida has recently started screening program in Noida villages and slums where some of the good cinema is projected to the children of those villages to promote good habits, education, general health and hygiene.

The coordination of the above program is taken care by a voluntary organization of students of Asian Academy of Film and Television, Asian School of Media Studies, Asian Business School named YES Young Energetic Society.

Radio Noida 107.4FM has started a special program where a slot has been reserved for all these villages and slums to express their views, problems, activities, interviews and suggestions. The program is supported by International Film and Television Club and International Film And Television Research Centre.

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