Sandeep Marwah Honored by CEGR at New Delhi

New Delhi: “Education is the only and the best way to bring change in the country. Unless and until you bring literacy in the country the society is not going to get upgraded” said Sandeep Marwah President Asian Education Group.
“Sandeep Marwah has brought tremendous changes in the education system, He has been also in skill development for more than 22 years. His contribution to nation building is marvelous. He deserves more than this,” said Ravish Roshan member Secretary CEGR announcing award for Sandeep Marwah.
Five world records in media and touching all the segments of Media, Sandeep Marwah has brought the name of the country to the World level. The education institution setup by Marwah is of World Class. AAFT has been ranked as the first ten best film schools of the World. The institution has churned out largest number of celebrities in the country.
The event was organized by Centre for Education Growth and Research at Habitat Centre New Delhi. Centre for Education Growth and Research is an independent think tank dedicated to the development of quality education, which builds the spirit of innovation, enhances employability and prepares the next generation for leadership roles.

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