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Sandeep Marwah Inaugurated New Art Gallery-Arts Unlimited

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“We need to have more relaxing and entertainment centers in Delhi, as life has become so hectic and tense. Art galleries can play a wonderful role in bringing cool and calm environment in our day to day affairs” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios inaugurating a new art gallery-Arts Unlimited in town at Chirag Delhi.

Renowned artist Iqbal Krishna who is also the art curater manages the art gallery. Iqbal has a vast experience in conducting large number of solo and group shows earlier at different cultural centers and art galleries.

“Sandeep Marwah is the right person to be invited to open and inaugurate the art gallery as well as the first group show. He is not only an art lover but also the powerful and passionate art promoter” said Iqbal Krishna thanking the entire important guest from the different parts of town. Later Iqbal presented one of his works to Marwah.

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