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Santosh Bhartiya on the Board of ASMS

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“The department of journalism has grown big in all these few years. We have the privileged to announce 12th February as an International Day of Journalism. Also we have started first time in the World Global Festival of Journalism” expressed Sandeep Marwah introducing Santosh Bhartiya to the new batch of ASMS.

“Asian School of Media Studies has emerged as one of the finest media schools in the World. The alumni of the college are doing extra ordinary well in the industry. I am part and parcel of this institute and would love to part my experience with you all” addressed Santosh Bhartiya to students of journalism.

Santosh Bhartiya is the veteran journalist of the country and also the former Member of Parliament. He is the one who started investigating journalism in the country. Presently he is the editor of Chauti Duniya news paper.Later Sandeep Marwah honored Santosh Bhartiya with the life membership of International Journalism Centre.

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