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Students of Filmmaking from AAFT School of Cinema participated in the recently concluded Udaan Youth Fest 2018 (3rd Season) which was organized in and association with Delhi University. This was the first time that the festival organized a 48-hour filmmaking competition where the theme was given on the spot to the students on Feb 7th, 2018 at 10:30 AM. Topics were given to different teams in sealed envelopes. The students had to write the script, shoot the film, and edit it in less than 48 hours.

All the teams got different topics. While one team got a Music Video on Delhi, the other one was busy making a documentary on Yamuna river, while various other teams created crisp fiction shorts.

First and Second year students from B.Sc Cinema and from M.Sc Cinema Final Year used the festival as a platform to project their creative vision & out-of-the-box ideas. Mohit Arora, a final year MSc student along with his team comprising of Saloni Thakral, Rahim Malik, Prashant Verma, Saurabh Dubey, Jasleen Gill, Smriti Lata Sinha and Mayank (All students from School of Cinema) made a docu-fiction titled “HOW MANY PLANTS WILL MAKE DELHI GREEN”. This team won awards in all five categories that of Best Film, Best Director (Mohit Arora), Best Cinematographer (Prashant Verma), Best Editing (Saurabh Dubey) and 2nd best award for Scriptwriting.

Another film that won the accolades was a Music Video titled ‘COLORS’ on the theme ‘Festival’. This team comprised of Manvir Singh Brar, Subodh Kant, Tanya, Kunal Lamba, Prathamesh Kumbhare, Shivam Chaurasia, Dhruv Sethi, Ninad Sawant and Megha Goel (All students of Cinema). As soon as this team got the topic, they rushed to Surajkund Fair 2018 with full enthusiasm and shot their video. This team won the 2nd Prize for Best Editor (Shivam Chaurasia), 3rd Prize for Best Scriptwriter (Manvir, Subodh and Tanya) and the team also won Special Mention for Cinematography (Dhruv Sethi, Prathamesh Kumbhare and Megha Goel). This video showcases a girl who just found her eyesight and how the world around her is suddenly full of colors.

Another film that did well was ‘RANG’ based on topic- ‘Color of Thoughts’. This team comprised of Kathan Shah, Aarsh Upadhyay, Gaurish Kushwaha, Nitish Thakur, Rajnish Kumar Jef, Rhythm Chaddha, Harsh Sinha, Ajit Yadav, Abhinav Duggal and Vibhuti Bahal (All Cinema students). The film, based on secularism, bagged First prize for Best Script (Gaurish and Nitish), and Prize for Best Film, Best Direction (Kathan & Aarsh) & Best Cinematography (Rajnish).

To bring forward the alarming state of river Yamuna, a team of students made a Documentary on Yamuna titled as ‘YAMUNA- Dying Pride’. This team comprised of Himanshu Ranjan (Director), Uzma Manzoor, Hitesh Dhatwalia, Kumar Sahil, Deepak Sharma, Vibhuti Bahal, Kashif Qureshi, Aadesh Kale, Omi and Karan Singh Bora. This film won the Prizes in Cinematography (Aadesh Kale & Karan Singh Bora) and Script (Deepak Sharma and Omi).

There were some other films which unfortunately didn’t get any Award but won hearts of the Jury members and other students who were present during the screening. The festival provided a much-needed creative boost to all the students.

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