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Seminars At 4th Global Film Festival Noida (GFFN) 2011

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Corporatisation is the new buzz word in the Bollywood. At one level it has brought moolah to the filmmakers but some feel it has taken away thier creative freedom.
This dichotomy will be discussed threadbare at the opening seminar ‘Corporotisation and Cinema’ on 25th November 2011 in the 4th Global Film Festival Noida 2011. Sumit Singhal of NDTV and Sudhir Tandon, former DDG of Doordarshan will form a part of the panelists.
“The issues likely be thrown open for discussion include the former private financing to the controlled funding of the present times, assembly line production of the saleable themes and the impact it is having on the small and medium films” said Sandeep Marwah President of Global Film festival Noida.
Second seminar on 26th November will focus on the age old relationship between cinema and literature. Though Indian writers have not done exceedingly well in Bollywood by the galaxy of lyricists like Sahir, Gulzar, Jaan Nisar Akhtar have added aesthetics and creativity to the Hindi films in particular. The panelists will be Pratap Sahgal and Divik Ramesh.
The last seminar on 27th November will discuss the curse of piracy that has affected films for long. The panelists will be Rajendra sahgal and Anil Thakur. International Film And Television Research Centre will do the planning of these seminars.

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