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Shakespeare Society At Marwah Studios Moves Further

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The high level meeting at Marwah Studios decided that it is now going to support Shakespeare Society created at the campus with the objective to highlight the works of Shakespeare, the moral values, the ethics and the ideology to the present World and generation far ahead. This Society is framed also with the objective- for the literary and spiritual awakening among the students and upholds the human values in them.
“We are very pleased by the response we have received from the students and the faculty members. We have planned a section of Shakespeare books, dramas and films in the library” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios and Chairperson of the Shakespeare Society. “We have now included Shakespeare dramas into our curriculum of one year acting program” Marwah added.
“I feel very strong when Dr. Ravindra Kurup Phd in Shakespeare and writer of many books including ‘Shakespeare And The Magical Vision’, ‘Ideology In Shakespeare’, ‘Shakespeare The Man’, ‘The Relevance Of Tragedy In Shakespeare’s Play’ has consented to be the secretary of the organization.” Sandeep Marwah informed.
“I will put my best into this organization to bring it to the International level’ said Dr Ravindra. Kurup who was very excited to promote Shakespeare in India now.

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