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Shakespeare Society Formally Launched At Global Film Festival

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Newly framed voluntary organization to highlight literature and drama at Marwah Studios, Shakespeare Society has been formally launched from the platform of 3rd Global Film Festival Noida 2010 on the closing of second day of the festival.

Hundreds of film, television and media persons appreciated the gesture of establishing this forum. “We feel that the standard of the film and television production and writing for the same can only be raised with the rise of level of literature, Indian as well as foreign. My visit to Statford-Upon-Avon induced me to start Shakespeare Society” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios and GFFN.

The poster release ceremony was conducted by Dr.Ravindran Kurup the writer of many Shakespeare Books, Sarina Joshi, head of Literature in Delhi University who has been researching and writing on Shakespeare from last 20 years, accompanied by Pankaj Parashar, Supran Sen, Joan Ponces De Carvalho, Kuldeep Sinha who all spoke on the subject.

“The launching of Shakespeare Society in this campus on this International platform of GFFN shows the seriousness of the organizers in education, film making and society” said Sarina Joshi.“I am ready to contribute to any extent as far as Shakespeare ideology and writing work is concerned” said Dr Kurup.

The event was followed by a musical recital by Pankaj Parashar, a entertainment package by the students of Asian Academy of Film And Television, Asian School of Media Studies and Asian Business School and a gala dinner.

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